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Positioning, strategy, lead generation, target market assessment, brand awareness, content marketing – these are just a few of the critical functions controlled by Marketing that contribute to revenue growth and profitability. Marketing has become one of the most challenging and rapidly evolving of all business functions. The need for accountability and performance in marketing has raised the bar on qualifications for marketing leadership.

We’re here to support business development and sales.


Digg Marketing helps professional services firms in the architecture, engineering and construction industries market their business. We do this by increasing brand awareness, creating thought leadership and providing innovative and cost effective marketing strategies.



Digg offers content marketing, content writing. storytelling, digital marketing, social media, brand strategy, website development and content creation, press releases, advertising campaigns, business events, trade show planning, video production and alternative marketing methods.

Cathren Kayce, Consultant & Contractor 

Small Business Marketing Services

A senior marketing director in a contract role can drive key marketing initiatives, such as awareness and strategy implementation, or go-to-market plans. In these situations, a contract marketing director augments the capabilities of the existing team with their specific skills and expertise, ultimately to support business development and sales.

Cathren Kayce is a mission-driven Strategic Marketing Director with over ten years of successfully advising, analyzing and directing marketing and, lead generating activities. She creates solutions that integrate marketing and sales, to enable market penetration, brand exposure, and competitive advantage. Cathren ensures revenue growth and improved customer engagement by leveraging data analysis and strategic vision, precisely aligned with organizational objectives.

“I enjoy delivering excellence and serve as a trusted advisor and contractor to the executive team. I’ll identify my client’s needs,  market trends and competitor’s  attitudes, by collaborating with business owners, key employees and individuals. I’m driven to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential by identifying positives and coaching on improvement areas.”



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