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So What Do You Do?

How I came about working with this client is really the backbone of how ultimately, marketing significantly drove sales for this small service business and, one that created a sellable business. 

I met the president of the Chimney Department at Starbucks on a Sunday morning, and it was Easter Sunday. My coffee pot had cracked, and I was about to drive into Chicago to visit my family, but I simply couldn’t do it without a cup of java.

As I was enjoying my latte, a man came up to me and introduced himself. After greetings, I told him I was a marketing consultant and writer. So out of his back pocket came a folded piece of paper. He proudly unfolded it.

When he showed me the worn and crumpled marketing piece, I was, well to be honest, it was an awkward moment. Dirty white paper with black typewriter copy. A typo every now and then, and it was a multi-generation of the original. It looked like it had seen the floor of a work truck more than once. I said, “Hmm, well, I can make this better if you like. It’s what I do.” He didn’t exactly like that. He gracefully grabbed the sales sheet from my hand and said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I was thinking, uh huh, okay, whatever! But I said to him, “Here’s my card if you want some help with your sheet there, and enjoy your Easter!” I was out the door.

Eventually, I got the call. “So what do you do?”

Yes, the marketing for the Chimney Department was outdated and broken. It needed more than fixing. It took someone who could build foundations where none existed, and develop and implement strategies for the future of a company.