Public Relations & Press Releases

Press Releases

“What Firefighters Don’t Know Can Harm The Public,” was picked up quickly after release through eReleases by the largest magazine in the fire service industry. The product was placed in the following month’s issue.

Free Publicity

I was inquiring with the magazine about advertising, when the sales rep mentioned the editor was putting out an anniversary issue about the Joplin, Missouri tornado. I immediately sent an email to the editor. She was interested that the company had a staff member in Joplin to witness the devastation. If I could get the article to her the next day, she would publish it.

The engineer who was on scene that day in Joplin, was extremely busy. But this was an opportunity for free publicity that I couldn’t pass up. I asked him to just write his thoughts on paper, he didn’t have to give me a finished piece, I would edit the article. I made some quick edits to what he gave me, and I submitted the article the next day. The editor published it. 

It’s an example of having an eye for opportunity and knowing when to jump on it. 

Radio and Podcasts

My press releases, sell sheets and promotional activities, landed my client guest spots, on radio and podcasts.