Branding & Identity

Concept to Completion

Here is a concept I created and was included in my marketing plan for this company. In this case, I sent to a graphic designer to create my concept.

I wanted to include the word “Trusted,” and the number of stars was also important.

Would you rather have a 5-star general leading your army or a 3? Would you rather see a 5-star movie, or a 3-star? With money as no object, would you stay at a 5-star hotel or 3-star?

The stamp had to have no less, and no more, than 5 stars, because subconsciously everyone knows what 5 stars mean. It’s the best.

Logo Concept and Brochure

This is a printing company, so I created multiple colors, a swirl representing movement, workflow and on-target. The logo also looked like the “e” in eDOC. The company’s brochures could be personalized and printed from their own printers, a perfect example of the company’s in-house capabilities. 


Logo for startup.